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Compressed air production system for Diesel - Electrical locomotives.

The compressed air production system supplies compressed air to pneumatic assemblies used in industry and transport, including locomotives.
The new Gardner Denver screw compressor used in producing compressed air for railway vehicles eliminates the disadvantages of other
systems in that it consists of a cooler and of a compact air end with a screw rotor driven by an electric motor by means of a belt.

The system for compressed air production is automated through a control unit that gathers information about the pressure and temperature of the air coming out of the air end and about the oil temperature in the oil sump. This unit autmatically controls the operation of the whole system.

Advantages of MIGHTYPROD's compressed air production system:

  • easily installed;
  • the cooler has separate cooling units for air and oil, respectively;
  • the blades of the cooling fan are made of composite materials with iron core and can be replaced one by one;
  • the system includes a filter for eliminating water out of the compressed air;
  • the hood and the intake pipes for cooling air are fast and easily installed;
  • the air end has double bearings at each end of the screw rotors;
  • the system for compressed air production works automatically, without operators.

Technical data

1. Model encased screw compressor in one piece
2. Make Gardner Denver
3. Type Tamrotor TEMPEST 6+;
4. Screw shaft driven By a wide multi-finned Poly ”V”belt
5. Oil quantity approx. 9 l
6. Recommended temperature for compressor operation 70°C-100°C
7. Maximum temperature inside the compressor max. 110°C
8. Normal discharge pressure 10 bar
9. Rated output at a pressure of 10 bar 3,5 ÷ 2,5 m3/min
10. Residual oil content in the compressed air cca 3mg/m3 compressed air
11. Electric motor power for driving the compressor 22 kW
12. Rated speed of electric motor - for driving the compressor 2950 ÷ 2925 rot/min
13. Electric motor power - for driving the fan 2,2 kW
14. Rated speed of electric motor - for driving the fan 2850 rot/min
14. Total weight approx 425÷460 kg



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