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Compressed air production system for Electrical locomotives.

Over the past few years a large number of manufacturers have appeared on the market, specialised in equipment for compressed air production, treatment and distribution. Compressed air units are extremely important in the modernisation and overhaul of rolling stock.

We have met the rigorous requirements of electric locomotive operation by a high-quality Gardner Denver compressor. It is made up of a welded frame, supporting the encased screw compressor in one piece and the three-phase asynchronous electromotor together with its driving mechanism. The cooling assembly and the control and monitoring panel are separate from the assembled frame.

Depending on the extent to which the locomotive is being modernised, the control and monitoring panel wiring can be more or less complex, making it possible for the compressor to start, work and stop automatically.

The highly compact "Tamrotor Tempest" compressor, a piece of state-of-the-art technology worldwide, can be defined by the following parameters:

  • lower energy consumption by at least 10%;
  • higher reliability in operation by 50% compared to similar products;
  • adapted to Romania's technical conditions and to its weather through features such as:
    • solid structure;
    • automatic operation without monitoring;
    • faultless operation at low temperatures;
    • protection of functional parameters;
    • slow start-up;
  • reduced maintenance by 70%;
  • ecological impact :
    • low noise level;
    • absence of transmissible vibrations;
    • cooling with self-ventilated air;
  • long period of operation (120 000 operating hours);
  • uninterrupted operation at maximum load;
  • better air-quality than in classical compressors;
  • control panel which displays the operation parameters.

Technical data

1.Modelencased screw compressor in one piece
2.MakeGardner Denver
3.TypeTamrotor TEMPEST 6+;
4.Screw shaft drivenBy a wide multi-finned Poly ”V” belt
5.Oil quantityapprox. 9 l
6.Recommended temperature for compressor operation70°C-100°C
7.Maximum temperature inside the compressormax. 110°C
8.Normal discharge pressure10 bar
9.Rated output at a pressure of 10 bar3,5 ÷ 2,5 m3/min
10.Residual oil content in the compressed aircca 3mg/m3 compressed air
11.Electric motor power for driving the compressor30 kW
12.Rated speed of electric motor - for driving the compressor2950 ÷ 2925 rot/min
13.Electric motor power - for driving the fan2,2 kW
14.Rated speed of electric motor - for driving the fan2850 rot/min
14.Total weightapprox425÷460 kg

How compressed air production systems work

The compressor is driven by the main electric motor through a wide multi-finned Poly V-belt.

The rotation of the screw rotors leads to air intake, air compression and at the same time oil injection, separation of oil from the air and delivering under pressure.

During the compression process, the air in the compressor is cooled by the injected oil. The oil is also used to lubricate the bearings and to form a sealing film between the two rotating screws.

The compressed air production system integrates the following:

  • oil receiver
  • gravitational separation of oil from the compressed air
  • final separator of oil from the compressed air as a removable cartridge
  • removable oil filter in one piece
  • oil thermostat
  • minimum pressure and non-return valve for maintaining a minimum pressure, which is necessary for pumping oil
  • intake regulator together with the elements of electropneumatic control
  • dry air filter, with a removable part in its encasing
  • safety valve for excess pressure

The compressed air production system also integrates several sensors for monitoring its operation:

  • pressure intake port for the pressure gauge
  • temperature intake port for the combistat


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